Philip Shaw Wines, Australia

Philip Shaw Wines are a byword for elegance and balance, and totally de-bunk the myth that all Australian wines are just big, just fruit, and just loud!!

Located in the high altitude cool climate region of Orange, NSW, there’s nothing ‘trendy’, ‘cutting edge’, ‘edgy’ or ‘pushing the envelope’ clichés at this winery – just a determined, knowledgeable and calculating expertise that produces wines that are elegant, balanced and totally drinkable.

Now in their 30th year of production (2019) the wines are produced in the 47 hectare Koomooloo Vineyard. Philip planted the 47 hectares of vines in 1988-1989, with their first commercial vintage produced in 2004. In 2015 Philip handed over ownership and management to his sons Damian and Daniel.

Between the three of us we’ve had a lot of good luck, but more importantly we have been persistent, hardworking and sometimes a little bit stubborn. Faith in our instincts combined with calculated risk have led to some beautiful moments of inspiration.” Philip, Damian, Daniel Shaw.

The Dreamer Viognier 2018
The dreamer challenges convention and inspires innovation. Our Viognier keeps us dreaming, it is a constant reminder to question and create. We trust our instincts to explore the potential in our vineyard to craft wine of distinction.

The Wire Walker Pinot Noir 2018
They say success on the high wire requires a unique blend of skill and courage. We think a touch of madness and a healthy respect for wind and gravity helps too.  Every year we walk the wire with our Pinot. Each vintage is a careful balancing act of knowing how to react to the elements when to take that next important step.

No.17 Merlot/Cabernet Franc/Cabernet 2017
“The numbers series represents the best wines from Koomooloo Vineyard and only on the best years.”

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