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La Casa Maguilax



Angelitos Negros 2015, La Casa Maguila

Spain / Castilla Y Leon

Andy's Tasting Notes

Combining elegant fruitiness with the firm, inky flavours of the Tinto de Toro grape hasn’t always been that common in Toro but this wine does it brilliantly.

Ripe black fruits under laid with the earthy flavours of Toro’s arid, high altitude, low density vineyards – sweetly fruity and at the same time savoury, with herby complexity and remarkable elegance and balance for a wine at this level from this region.

Described by its maker as “de trago muy amable” which means so much more than “very easy to drink” (in English this can sometimes be almost dismissive) – this is very easy to drink in the same sense as lovely Chianti or Burgundy ie. you don’t want to stop!

100% Tinto de Toro, 6 months in 50% French and 50% American oak.

Price per bottle £10.60

Producer Info

Casa Maguila is one of the new Toro bodegas behind the move to a new style of wine which emphasizes the fruit of the indigenous varietal Tinto de Toro rather than solely its robust tannins.

Jesus Peña, its founder and champion, believes passionately that the core of their wines is the fruit and acidity of the varietal which give texture, flavour and length and that these constitute the main appeal of the wines. By contrast the classical attributes of Toro, volume and tannic structure, are not priorities for him when making his wines . Having chosen D.O. Toro for its tradition (it is the only D.O. in Spain where not a single non-indigenous grape variety is permitted), the nature of its soils and the preponderance of very old vineyards Jesús bought his first vineyard in March 2009 and established La Casa Maguila as a company in July of that year. Throughout the course of the following two years he continued to buy or rent old vineyards, some of them 100 years old or more. In March 2011, with the help of José Hidalgo and Ana Martín, another of Spain’s leading consultant winemakers, the winemaking and marketing strategy was put in place and in September 2011 Casa Maguila’s first harvest was picked.

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