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Auténtico Salta Malbec 2017, Bodega Colomé

Argentina / Salta

Andy's Tasting Notes

Unusually produced with no oak influence to accentuate the exceptional pure fruit quality of the wine. Rich and concentrated with a distinctive black cherry note, together with plum, blackberry, nutmeg and white pepper.

Wine maker production notes – The altitude of the Upper Calchaquí Valley has a positive impact on the quality of the grapes. The higher the altitude, the more exposed the grapes are to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which causes them to develop thicker and darker skins to protect themselves from sunburn. The fruit for this wine comes predominantly from San José, one of the oldest vineyards in Colomé, originally planted around 90 years ago. Soils are sandy with layers of gravel which helps drainage. The grapes were triple sorted, once in the vineyard, once for imperfections on the sorting table at the winery and then once more for green material in the must before entering the fermentation tanks. Produced using traditional techniques without the use of commercial yeasts and with regular punching down of the cap. Post fermentation the wine aged in tanks for 10 months before being bottled and undergoing a further 10 months bottle ageing prior to release.

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Producer Info

Bodega Colomé was established in 1831 and is not only the oldest working winery in Argentina, but also the owner of the world’s highest vineyard. Perhaps because of this great tradition, which is allied to the dynamism it displays today, Colomé was chosen by Tim Atkin as one of his ‘First Growths’ in the classification of Argentinian wineries he made for his 2016 Argentina Report.

The winery is located in the far north of Argentina in the Upper Calchaquí Valley and is thought to have been founded by the Spanish Governor of Salta, Nicolás Severo de Isasmendi y Echalar. In 1854, his daughter Ascensión, who was married to José Benjamín Dávalos, brought the first French pre-phylloxera Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon vines to Colomé.

The three vineyards (with an area of four hectares each) were planted in the same year – the fruit from which is still used to make wines. Grapes grown at high altitudes have thicker skins, in order to protect them from the intense ultraviolet rays. As a result, the wines have more colour, aroma, flavours and antioxidants from the increased phenolics. The altitude also contributes to a wide diurnal temperature range of more than 20°C. The warmth of the day ripens the grapes and the coolness of the night preserves acidity and fragrance.

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