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Les Vignes de Bila-Haut, Domaine de Bila-Haut Rouge 2020, M Chapoutier

France / Southern France

Andy's Tasting Notes

Generous and warming with a mellow and hearty personality.  Medium bodied, harmonious and pleasingly fruity with spice and herb overtones.

Spag bol, lasagne, pizza will all work well with this versatile red.

Syrah / Grenache / Carignan blend.  Domaine de Bila-Haut vineyards are planted on stony soils with rich geology – ranging from black & brown schist that give the wine its ripeness; gneiss that imparts minerality and freshness to limestone and chalk that result in wines with good balance and strength.

Since 1996, all Maison M. Chapoutier labels feature the wine information written in braille. This is a tribute to Maurice Monier de la Sizeranne, the inventor of the first abridged version of braille and founder of the Valentin Haüy association, who helped bring the blind and visually challenged out of isolation. There is even a wine that carries his name, from a plot that once belonged to his family. This is a way of giving something back to somebody who made a real contribution.

Price per bottle  £11.40 £10.60

Producer Info

Unique, unconventional, curious about everything, Michel Chapoutier’s mind has never been static. Michel is a wine-lover and life-lover, always on the move, so are his ideas, his tastes and his wishes. “If I stay still, I fall.” His wine journey began when he was 26 years old and he became the head of M. Chaptouier. Yet, he is not an inheritor – his choices and his vision were disruptive as he stood up against the established ways and ideas, completely changing both viticultural and vinification practices of his family company. He is a man close to the earth, on a quest for revealing terroirs and finding the expression of soils through the taste of his wines.

Since 1991, they have worked tirelessly to convert to biodynamic viticulture, with chemical pesticides and herbicides banned. They have introduced natural elements (minerals, plants, animals) to preserve balance. The soil is fed with organic matter; thus it preserves bacteria which is the real ‘Mother’ of the vine and will transform mineral into vegetal. This precious bacterium transmits the personality of the terroir to the vine and ultimately the wine. Biodynamics is also about understanding the cycles of the earth, the sun and the moon. From these observations they take crucial decisions: when to prune, when to harvest. Yields are respected and each terroir offers its pure essence.


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